ITL Sailing Cup 2019


The 8th annual ITL Sailing Cup was held on 24 – 28th of June in the Eastern part of Finnish Gulf. This year we’ve got competition only in Open 800 cruising yacht class. As usual our regatta was based at the Oak Bay Yacht Club (about 100 km from St. Petersburg) — 5 of 7 races took place nearby. On Thursday, 28.06, participants have started 42 miles race towards St. Petersburg, where they had one more short race upon arrival.

The final results look as folows:

Winner — yacht «Omega» (captain Dmitriy Zhaivoronok). Silver — the previuos year cup winner — yacht «Globus» (captain Andrey Nikandrov). Bronze — yacht «Alyaska» (captain Andrey Kosorotov).

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