Cargo Masters Sailing Cup 2019


The Second Cargo Masters Sailing Cup took place on 21–23 of June at Oak Bay Yacht Club located at Okunevaya — very popular recreation centre about 100 km from St. Petersburg.

Nine local market leaders in marine shipping together with two guest crews took part in competition. Teams were competing during 2 days in 4 short range races. The regatta fleet was formed from 7- and 8-meters long modern racing yachts of Open 800 and MX-700 cruising classes with unified rig.

The first racing day was concluded with gala-supper and dancing for all participants and guests with participation of two popular jazz and pop bands.

This year regatta was won by Ultramar team on yacht «Globus» (captain Andrey Nikandrov). The second place was occupied by Silmar Group on yacht «Grenada» (captain Alexey Alexeev). The previous Cup winner — ITL team on yacht «Omega» (captain Dmitriy Zhaivoronok) was the third.

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