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the role of transport in the world we’re living cant be overestimated

Transport is a key element in the development of any society. Advances in transport technology have extended the range of markets, enabled new methods of production, fostered specialization and strengthened social, political and economic ties between countries and major geographic areas.

The demand for transport reflects the level of social and economic activities and the benefits it provides in their pursuance. But as these benefits are high, the role of transport keeps growing in production as well as in everyday life. Growing affluence and improvements in transport technology have led transport to become a major component of national output and a major user of resources. On the other hand transport has become the basic source of income and employment for a lot of people all over the world.

Transport includes all activities related directly and indirectly to the use of vehicles, vessels and aircraft and of related structures (highways, inland waterways, railways, pipelines, port facilities, airports, warehouses etc.) for the movement of goods and passengers. In a wider sense, this definition covers the transport system (infrastructure, transport and related equipment), the providers of transport services (modes of transport, agents using or operating the transport system) and the suppliers to the system, its users and operators.

We are proud to be a part of this essential process seeking to provide our clients with none but the best in the market: complete logistic solutions, modern technologies and excellent customer service.

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JSC International Transport &
Logistics, 2011
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